Easy Entertaining Ideas

antipasto platter

You can make entertaining for friends and family really stressful, or you can make it really easy. Myself, I tend to go for easy. Whenever I host or attend group events, if my guests offer to bring something, I let them! I figure they're pretty sincere if they are asking to help out, and if they aren't, well, that will teach them! I'm also about sharing easy entertaining … [Read more...]

Loaded Nachos with Beefless Ground

loaded nachos

My family loves Mexican food. We've consumed our fair share of fajitas from El Agave and one more than a few occasions have used the kitchen island to set up a taco bar. We also love meat, especially red meat. But in my quest to be a positive role model for my daughter, I started making small changes to improve my overall health. I have restricted myself to one can of … [Read more...]

Black Eyed Pea and Corn Dip

black eyed pea and corn dip

Zoo dip. That's what my boyfriend and brother called this. You see, neither one is very cultured when it comes to food and if they don't see a chunk of meat or a potato, they get a bit confused. At first I took offense, after all, it's hard work throwing things into a bowl and mixing them together (that would be sarcasm) but then I got the last laugh because the two of … [Read more...]

Spinach Artichoke Dip – Easy Dip Recipe


The Better Chip provided me with product and/or compensation for this post, however the opinions I shared are my own. When I was younger, each Sunday afternoon was spent at my Grandmother's house. She'd cook a huge meal and our entire extended family would hang out together. I remember her making all of our favorite foods (I loved her green beans) and afterwards, we'd … [Read more...]

Loaded Pierogies

loaded pierogies recipe

I remember the first dinner party I ever threw. I had just returned from a week in Napa and Sonoma where I attended my first cooking class. The food we prepared was so tasty that I wanted to share it with all of my friends. In typical over doing it fashion, I decided I would recreate all the dishes we were taught at the cooking class. Quickly, I realized that I had too … [Read more...]

Mexi Corn Dip


There are certain foods that remind of specific people who are a part of my life.  Whenever I make this Mexi Corn Dip, I think of the guys I lived with in the "PA" house.  There were four of us who technically lived there (meaning we were on the lease) but since they were all in physician assistant school and doing their clinical rotations, it was rare for more than two of … [Read more...]