Easy Entertaining Ideas

antipasto platter

You can make entertaining for friends and family really stressful, or you can make it really easy. Myself, I tend to go for easy. Whenever I host or attend group events, if my guests offer to bring something, I let them! I figure they're pretty sincere if they are asking to help out, and if they aren't, well, that will teach them! I'm also about sharing easy entertaining … [Read more...]

Italian Meatballs

italian meatballs recipe 2

When I was a kid, every Sunday my parents, brothers and me would load up in the car and go to my grandma's house for Sunday dinner. The majority of our extended family would be there (aunts, uncles, and cousins) and we'd hang out for hours, eating, talking and having fun. My grandma would make everyone's favorite dishes (mine was green beans) and if we were the lucky, we'd … [Read more...]

Guinea Grinder

guinea grinder sandwich recipe

My parents were the type that always ordered the same type of food whenever we ate out. They'd have a small conference about what sounded good and make their decision. Mom would always order first so all my Dad would have to say was, "the same as her." At the time I always thought that was kind of silly but now that my Mom is gone, it seems kind of sweet. One of their … [Read more...]