Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

vegetarian Thanksgiving menu ideas

Traditional Thanksgiving dinners are great. I look forward to them every year as it gives me an excuse to make green bean casserole and stuffing. Every now and then I'll grab a honey-glazed ham and sometimes, if I have to, I'll make a turkey. But as my family and friends have evolved, so have their food preferences. Some of them are gluten-free, some follow the paleo diet, … [Read more...]

Italian Meatballs

italian meatballs recipe 2

When I was a kid, every Sunday my parents, brothers and me would load up in the car and go to my grandma's house for Sunday dinner. The majority of our extended family would be there (aunts, uncles, and cousins) and we'd hang out for hours, eating, talking and having fun. My grandma would make everyone's favorite dishes (mine was green beans) and if we were the lucky, we'd … [Read more...]

Meatless Chicken Fried Rice

meat free protein

One of my FAVORITE (yes, it deserves all caps) restaurants to eat at is Sumo. They have pretty good sushi and great grill items, but my number one favorite menu item of all time is their garlic fried rice. There is a reason butter and oil were invented and I believe it was so Sumo could make this delicous concoction of carbs and fats. As much as I love their rice, I … [Read more...]

Guinea Grinder

guinea grinder sandwich recipe

My parents were the type that always ordered the same type of food whenever we ate out. They'd have a small conference about what sounded good and make their decision. Mom would always order first so all my Dad would have to say was, "the same as her." At the time I always thought that was kind of silly but now that my Mom is gone, it seems kind of sweet. One of their … [Read more...]

Chicken and Noodles


Give me a pot of chicken and noodles and I'll be your friend forever. Seriously, forever. Last month B and I were in Iowa celebrating a late Christmas with my family. Instead of doing the traditional Christmas dinner, I made the executive decision to serve a couple of soups instead. My original plan was to make chili and potato soup but laziness got the best of me. … [Read more...]

Beef and Black Bean Enchiladas

beef and black bean enchiladas 2

After a month or two of winging dinner, I decided it was time to start menu planning again. In theory, menu planning sounds easy, right? I mean, you write down what you're going to make for dinner each night, shop for the ingredients and then stick to the plan. Not so much. Especially when you're like me and realize you've picked 4 chicken recipes in a row or that all your … [Read more...]

Cajun Chicken Pasta

cajun chicken pasta recipe

I think you learn a lot about a person by the types of foods they eat or more importantly, the foods they won't eat. I've been dating this guy (more on that later) who has some particular food rules. The thought of anything cheesy and gooey makes him kind of sick and don't get me started on his lack of appreciate for some raw fish. To give him some credit, I have seen his … [Read more...]

Easy Dinner Ideas: Shrimp Scampi with Tomatoes

shrimp scampi #shop

In four days, the movers will be at my doorstep. I'm not sure that I've made the formal public announcement on either blog, but for those of you who aren't in the loop, my daughter and I are moving to Kansas. Home of sunflowers, Jayhawk basketball and of course, The Wizard of Oz. I'm not new to this moving gig. I've done it quite a bit. Since this is our last week, I'm … [Read more...]

Asian Meatloaf with Ground Chicken

#ad asian meatloaf with Tyson ground chicken #cbias

Growing up, my mom didn't cook a lot. She worked crazy hours and that meant my dad either fixed us dinner (think meals that come from a box) or we ate out. When she did cook, it was a special treat and one thing she routinely made was meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn. I remember mixing my corn with my mashed potatoes (does anyone else do that?) and eating it with a bite … [Read more...]

Doritos Casserole

Everyone has that one go-to recipe. For years mine was Mexican casserole. My friend Sandy shared her recipe with me and for at least two years, whenever I had to needed to bring something to a potluck, that's what I brought. For my friend Matt, Doritos casserole is his go-to recipe. I'm sure Emily (his wife) appreciates it when he cooks. I actually think it's … [Read more...]