Chicken and Noodles


Give me a pot of chicken and noodles and I'll be your friend forever. Seriously, forever. Last month B and I were in Iowa celebrating a late Christmas with my family. Instead of doing the traditional Christmas dinner, I made the executive decision to serve a couple of soups instead. My original plan was to make chili and potato soup but laziness got the best of me. … [Read more...]

Tomatillo and Rice Soup

tomatillo and rice soup

Over a month ago I had the privilege of meeting Gwyneth Paltrow where she talked about filming Iron Man 3. While I loved hearing her talk about working with Robert Downey Jr. and wearing the Iron Man suit, I was super excited to learn more about her new cookbook, It's All Good (you can read more about that interview here). Gwyneth received a lot of slack from the … [Read more...]