Quick and Easy Lunch with Herdez Cocina Mexicana Frozen Bowls

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There are a few things you will never hear come out of my mouth: I love spiders, getting eaten alive by mosquitos was fun and I was so busy I forgot to eat. The spider that found his way in my bed didn’t live to tell about it, I chose function over fashion and wore a mosquito net while hiking in Glacier National Park and I’m pretty busy at the office but I never forget to eat. I get too “hangry” for that too happen and why I always have quick and easy lunch options.

quick and easy lunch idea

There is no typical day at work. If there were, I wouldn’t know how to handle it. My mornings seem to fly by and quickly I realize it’s noon because my stomach reminds me. Because I have a spoiled dog who spends the day in the house instead of outside, I drive home for lunch every day to let her out. That leaves about 20 minutes for me to scarf down some food while I’m at home and one of the reasons I have Herdez Cocina Mexicana frozen bowls in my freezer.

The frozen bowls come in 10 different flavors but of course, I have my favorites. Of the few I’ve tried, I prefer the Beef Barbacoa bowl, with the Pork Chile Verde coming in a close second. I like the authentic flavors and the convenience of pulling them out of my freezer and popping them in the microwave. Served with a couple of warm tortillas, it makes for a quick and easy lunch that actually sticks with me. Nutritionally, they are much better for me than going through a drive-thru and financially, they save me money too! Speaking of saving money, you can save $1 off a bowl!

What flavor of Herdez Cocina Mexicana frozen bowls would you like to try?

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